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Our conference this year will be held November 9 – 10, and November 12, 2020
as a “webinar” due to COVID19 restrictions
Overall Mission

Our mission for the VISION 2020 webinar is to provide a venue with presentations and discourse on best practices, trends, new ideas, and opportunities to improve the implementation of training systems based on the SAT method with VISION.


This webinar is for VISION users, training supervisors and managers that are responsible to develop training programs in accordance with a standard we all have in common (SAT). Its purpose is to provide a means for you to compare your organization’s approach, challenges, and status with others, share ideas and best practices, and create relationships that will help your organization move forward as a community of professionals.

Normally this conference is one of the biggest gatherings comprised specifically of trainers, training specialists and their supervisors in those industries that apply SAT and VISION. We trust the webinar format will be the same, only without the scenery and handshakes.

Come prepared to learn, share, and enjoy some time with your counterparts in US and beyond!

Conference Topics and Call for Papers Read More

As the date of the VISION 2020 webinar gets closer (week of November 9), we’re narrowing down the topics for presentations and discussion groups that will comprise the event. We still have room for more topics, but before we close that gap, we would like to have your input to be sure we consider things that will count the most for you and your organization. Send us your topic right away:


Dates for workshops before the Conference begins: November 4 - 5, 2020


Our tentative schedule for the conference is as follows.


Our tentative agenda for the conference is as follows.