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Release Overview
Recent and Upcoming Release Information

Spring 2020 Software Release

The Spring 2020 software release (VDM 9.5 and VLS 6.5) will launch in June 2020. Below is an overview of features that will be included with Spring 2020 software release.

Qualification Cards

We are introducing a Change Impact rating to tasks, to records what impact a change has (or not) on training or re-qualifying for the people affected by this change.

A nightly job will send email to notify people of expiring qualifications at predetermined intervals.

In addition to the usual email paths to request trainers, we will provide an instant ‘do it now’ way to record training and evaluation live.

Moving learners to a new version of a Qualification Card is simplified.

Routing paths improvements: each step allows comments and attached documentation. It’s also possible to back up in the routing path to a previous step. And the full history of the original qualification is kept in store.

Exams: New Linked Information

Document links and Cross –reference tables will now be allowed to be associated with a test. A learner will be able to see the linked document when taking the test.

Changes in linked documents will no longer require versioning the object they are attached to.

Assessment Profiles

A new Assessment profile will allow specifying the number of questions to be selected for each objective attached to a Training Unit. VLS will use this value in generating dynamic exams.

Other Improvements

An easy way to randomize the order of multiple choice question answers

Report Security – read/write access such as for tests stored on a common drive.

Better identification of disqualified versions of a question.

Easier upload of Scantron results

Simplification of test creation workflow.

Minor improvements in DIF surveys, question remediation etc.

Fall 2019 Release

The Fall 2019 software release (VDM 9.4 and VLS 6.4) launched in November 2019 is in market ready for customers to download. Below is an overview of features that are included with Fall 2019 2020 software release.

Question Handling

Objective nodes now have a “life span” that begins when they are approved and lasts until a new version is created (that is, when they are moved out of Approved status to be edited). When you edit an approved question or create a new question linked to an Approved objective within the objectives lifespan, no versioning icon will be displayed and it will not disrupt tests, training unit question pools, or dynamic exams in the VISION Learning Station.

When you edit a question that is Approved, you will get a message asking if you wish to disqualify the question.

Objective Hierarchy Organizers

Several restrictions are lifted on Objective hierarchy organizers so that they can be added to Program hierarchy training units. Now, all types of objective nodes, including organizers, can be put into training units regardless of type. All of these are listed in the training unit’s Design page. VISION Learning Station can accept content from objective hierarchy organizers, but will not accept any questions from them. All nodes can be sequenced in PA type training units, but only those that are directly linked to a task will be displayed.

Help & User Guide Enhancements

In addition to the normal updates to the help and user guide, instructions for the Security module are being added, as well as instructions on how to use VISION with an LMS.

DIF Surveys

The relationship between tasks and VISION’s online DIF surveys has changed, allowing tasks to be in any status when they are put into the survey and, if they are Completed, to stay in that status through the survey. Their status will only be changed when the survey ends and the Administration period begins.

When DIF values are ready to be uploaded from a completed online survey into the VISION Developer module, VISION will upload the new DIF values to a new version of the Task. The user who updates the VDM must have a VDM account with the privileges to update a task, and an email will be automatically sent to the VDM user who changed the task last.

Evaluation Improvements

Evaluations in the VISION Learning Station are getting a number of improvements. The Evaluation Response Types are easier to use and feature a new Likert Scale option with negative, zero, and positive values. Several default Response Types are available as well.

Evaluations are no longer pre-filled with default answers when learners receive them, and the Results interface features Print and Date buttons and displays the status of an evaluation more clearly to learners when it has not been completed.

Finally, course evaluations can be required of learners before they can complete a course. If an evaluation is required, a red “required” tag will be displayed next to it so there will be no confusion about whether or not the learner must complete it.

Additional Data Fields for Tests

The Test properties window now includes a Comment field (with associated template) and a User-Defined ID (UDID) field that does not require a unique value. You can also search for tests by their user-defined IDs in the Test Search window.