Since 1985, FOCUSSM Learning Corporation has provided training design services to the Department of Energy, nuclear power, aerospace and manufacturing industries where performance and safety are of paramount concern. We specialize in large training programs where complex information requirements exist.

In 1987, FOCUSSM introduced one of the first training information management systems of its kind. Prominent commercial and government training organizations use the system successfully to design, develop and maintain vital training programs. For more than 20 years, these organizations have provided intense, real-world testing of our unique instructional system support technology.

More recently, our user community launched campaigns to re-engineer, downsize and trim operating costs. A shift from traditional training to on-demand performance support is fast becoming a necessity. And with this shift comes the demand to facilitate much more rapid development of instructional materials and the ability to transform workers from subject matter experts into effective training assets.

VISION has evolved to meet these new demands. Today, VISION is the premier software system of its kind. Instructional technologists and subject matter experts alike use VISION to build and sustain comprehensive, site-specific training and performance support programs. Our customers can meet the fast-changing needs of a dynamic, highly flexible workforce. Together, we can optimize your workplace performance.

* FocusSM Learning Corporation and its VISION Learning Station Product are not affiliated with VisionLearning Inc., a New York Corporation, or its products.

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