Horizon Nuclear Power acquires VISION for its nuclear new-build project
Horizon Nuclear Power is a UK energy company developing a new generation of nuclear power stations. Horizon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi,Ltd.,

FOCUS opens a corporate training center
FOCUS acquired additional space adjacent to its corporate office for use as a corporate training center. FOCUS will be sending a schedule of workshops to the user community by year end. With this additional space, FOCUS will be better able to meet the need of the user community for training on the VISON software, SAT process, and advanced training.

Électricité de France (EDF SA) acquires VISION
Électricité de France Nuclear Electric Power Generation company (EDF SA) signed an agreement for the license of VISION for use across all 23 nuclear sites in France, with options for additional licenses for T&D/fossil sites. This marks the largest scope enterprise implementation of VISION to date. The agreement is the result of nearly two years of intense evaluation, planning and a successful prototype effort conducted mostly by an EDF training and IT team, EDF consulting group CGI, and several on site support visits from FOCUS.

Slovenské elektrárne acquires VISION for use at the Mochovce and Bohunic nuclear power plants.
Slovenské elektrárn, owned by the Slovak Republic and Enel Produzione SpA, is the largest power generating company in Slovakia and the second largest in Central and Eastern Europe. Implementation of VISION Developer is scheduled to begin in March, 2014.

NuScale Power aquires VISION
NuScale Power is currently completing the design of an SMR (Small Modular Reactor) that offers the benefits of nuclear power while eliminating the issues presented by installing a large power plant. NuScale will use VISION in the early stages of development to integrate HFE (Human Factors Engineering) analysis data with an SAT training well as to develop its training materials.

Atlas Air acquires VISION
Atlas Air, Inc., is an American cargo and passenger charter airline that operates scheduled freight flights on a lease basis for some of the world's leading airlines. Atlas acquired VISION Developer to develop and maintain its AQP Program Audit Database (PADB). Atlas is the second cargo airline to employ VISION for the AQP initiative.

VISION Learning Station Released
This minor release of the VISION Learning Station addresses issues related to the ColdFusion 9 Hotfix 2 patch.

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) acquires VISION
ENEC kicked off its VISION project with training by FOCUS on site in UAE this week. ENEC is using VISION to develop training for its new build project in accordance with INPO standards. The effort is being done in conjunction with KHNP (Korea), builder of the new plant.

FOCUS partners with Ubion Co.
FOCUS engaged in a reseller agreement with Ubion Co., a Korean company located in Seoul, South Korea. Ubion will represent FOCUS and VISION to organizations in South Korea and other countries in Asia and elsewhere. Ubion will be providing direct VISION support such as training, data migration, translation and other services to clients and potential clients in our emerging International market.

Internationalized version of VISION
Due to the increasing number of nuclear power plants in Asia and Europe that are using VISION to meet US standards for training (based on the Systematic Approach to Training- SAT- process), FOCUS has now released an "internationalized" version of the Developer module. This means that the VISION software and the database have been modified to work with the "Unicode" standard. The Unicode standard enables the system to process language symbols other than the Roman/Latin alphabet symbols used in the English language. VISION can now be "localized" fairly easily with a specific language. The first localization to be completed was for the Republic of South Korea. Our Korean partner firm, OLETS, worked with us to translate menus and other aspects of the user interface resulting in a completely Korean version of VISION. Similar translation is now possible with any language to make other localized versions.

Sellafield (UK) expands license seats to "enterprise"
Sellafield first purchased the VISION Developer in March, 2011; this action expands its use of VISION to an "enterprise" level. The enterprise license approach removes all limits on the number of Developers who can access the system throughout the defined enterprise. See also News: 3/14/2012: Sellafield...

FOCUS releases LS 5.2 (exams and content)
FOCUS releases the second update of its new generation Learning Station (LS) module: version 5.2. This version adds the ability to deliver learning content along with the exam generation abiliity that was released at 5.1. Version 5.2 is suitable for use now by any VISION site that prefers to use LS with an enterprise LMS (rather than as a stand-alone LMS), and limited to the on-line delivery of exams and content. 5.3, scheduled for June, 2013 release, will include the capabilities needed to enable LS to be used as a stand-alone LMS. Qualification, level 1 evaluations and surveys will be released after 5.3. The new generation LS is based on Microsoft .Net, and eliminates the ColdFusion software and has significant interface and performanace improvements.

NERC PER 005 prompts DTE (Detroit Edison) expansion of VISION
DTE Edison expanaded its license of VISION and added the Learning Station to its current license. Prior to this action, use of the Developer was centered at the Fermi nuclear station. The expansion adds the Transmission and Distribution (T & D) side, Corporate and other programs that DTE will develop in accordance with VISION's SAT orienteation. In addition, DTE added the Learning Station to work in conjuction with SAP. The extension was driven in part by the relatively new NERC PER 005 rule, enforcing SAT on the T & D side.

Bechtel National, Inc. acquires Learning Station as its LMS
Bechtel added the Learning Station to its VISION project to function as the Learning Management System for its Hanford Tank Waste Treatment project. The Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP), also known as the Vit Plant, will eliminate the environmental threat posed by 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemical waste currently stored at the Hanford Site.

Sellafield (United Kingdom) purchases VISION Developer
Sellafild Ltd. purchased VISION (Developer) for a large scale implementation of the Systematic Approach to Training. Sellafield is a nuclear reprocessing site, close to the village of Seascale on the coast of the Irish Sea in Cumbria, England.

Bruce Power (Canada) purchases VISION
Bruce Power purchased VISION Developer for its nuclear power station. Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is a Canadian nuclear power station located in Ontario, Canada. In terms of generation capacity, the Bruce station is currently the largest nuclear facility in the world. Bruce is using VISION in a "proof of concept" mode now, with hopes of expanding its use over time.

PPL Susquehanna Purchases VISION Developer
PPL Susquehanna purchases VISION Developer for use at the Susquehanna station.

SCANA Corporation purchases VISION and Learning Station
SCANA Corporation purchases VISION and Learning Station for its VC Summer Nuclear Station.

Bruce Power, Canada, in final stages of VISION Developer acquisition
Bruce Power, Canada, in final stages of VISION Developer acquisition, to begin implementation before year end.

Entergy acquires VISION (Developer and Learning Station)
Entergy acquires VISION (Developer and Learning Station) at the enterprise level for all 10 nuclear power sites and its non nuclear SPO and SOC sites for NERC PER 005 compliance.

Duke Energy purchases VISION for its three nuclear stations
Duke Energy purchases VISION for its three nuclear stations, McGuire, Oconee, and Catawba, and its Kings Mountain Corporate training facility. Migration of legacy data is scheduled for immediate start.

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) purchases VISION
TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) purchases VISION for use in developing accredited programs for its Bellfonte new-build. This purchase was implemented in conjunction with PrimeForce Sulutions, a value added partner in the DOE sector, and NTIS, which supports the Department of Commerce and serves as a central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, engineering and business related information.

Korean Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) purchases VISION
Working through our Korean partner, OLETS, Korean Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) purchases VISION for use at its United Arab Emirates (UAE) project.

Southern Co. closes deal for VISION
Southern Co. closes deal for VISION Developer and Learning Station for training system design for the new build AP 1000 as well as existing sites.

Fort Calhoun Migration Delayed
Fort Calhoun power plant, which acquired VISION Developer in 2010, puts migration of legacy data project on hold due to flooding and other constraints. Migration is expected to begin perhaps by Q 4 2011.

ISO New England purchases VISION and Learning Station
ISO New England purchased VISION and the Learning Station to help form its training programs in compliance with NERC PER 005.

Kalitta Air Purchases VISION
Kalitta Air, a Michigan based air carrier and leading provider of air cargo transportation, purchased VISION to establish its pilot training system in compliance with FAA AQP (Aviation Qualification Program) standards. Kalitta will be working with consulting group Excelar, a FOCUS partner in the aviation industry arena, to implement VISION.

Entergy’s Corporate “Fleet” Training Center
Entergy and FOCUS begin data migration for projected June roll-out of VISION for Entergy’s Corporate “Fleet” Training Center, the first of 10 Entergy sites projected to move into VISION. Entergy will be using both the Developer and the Learning Station modules for the Corporate center.

Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratories
FOCUS begins data migration for the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratories project, based on their purchase of VISION Developer in late 2010.

Constellations Energy Security Forces Training
Constellation Energy Group cracked Training magazine's Top 125 list for corporate training programs. Employees at the Fortune 200 company, which ranked 116th, are offered classroom courses, online learning programs and certificate and degree programs -- all suited to the needs of Constellation (NYSE: CEG), according to a release. The magazine compiles the list by researching training programs, using workplace surveys and measuring the hours of training per employee.

Honeywell using the VISION 8.0 content authoring module
Honeywell is using the latest VISION Content Authoring Module to speed up the objective content creation. The module is speeding up the production of large training guides being developed with VISION by the Honeywell Automation College in Phoenix, AZ.

Constellation wins corporates training kudos
Constellation Energy Group cracked Training magazine's Top 125 list for corporate training programs.

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