Our conference this year will be held May 9 – May 11, 2018 at The Cliffs Resort ocean front hotel at Pismo Beach, California!

Conference Introduction

Sometimes change is so gradual that you don’t notice it happening. Then at some point you realize that things are different! When change happens that way, you are its passive recipient, whether you like what happened or not. But let’s say you recognize that change is inevitable and you became active in making it happen. That’s different, and most professionals would say it’s much better that way. You have some control, or at least you tried to influence the outcome in a way that is best for your profession.

The upcoming VISION conference is a venue where we can all become an active participant in inevitable change, and maybe influence the way it happens for the better. The inevitable change in our profession? We don’t know yet; the outcome is still unclear. But the driver of that change is the need to do more with less.

In the U.S. nuclear industry, of course there is the daunting challenge to lower costs across the board as mandated by the “Nuclear Promise.” The industry simply has to save money to be more competitive. Clearly a lot is at stake and change is inevitable to deliver on the “promise.” Nuclear plants worldwide surely have the same issue. As training professionals, this means figuring out how to train with less time and cost, but without compromise to the high standards the industry demands.

And what industry, even beyond nuclear, wouldn’t be interested in the same goal? If nuclear power can deliver training faster, maybe better, with less time and money, it would influence every other industry. And, that kind of deep knowledge and experience will transfer in many directions. Everyone attending the VISION 2018 Conference has this in common: respect for high quality training, and an appreciation of the need to “do more with less.” So that’s our theme for this year. Let’s pool our ideas across industries and geography to make this happen in a way that advances the quality of training and not the opposite.

We will be assembling the best speakers and presenters to forward ideas for delivering quality training using less time and resource. Whether through better sharing of common data, streamlined methods, or entirely new ideas for design, we’re interested in sharing them. Whether new kinds or technology, the use of social media or computer based instruction, let’s hear about it. Be there, contribute what you can, help make the inevitable change happen for the better!

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Conference Topics and Call for Papers

As the date of the VISION 2018 Conference in Shell Beach, CA gets closer (week of May 7), we’re narrowing down the topics for presentations and discussion groups that will comprise the event. We still have room for more topics, but before we close that gap, we would like to have your input to be sure we consider things that will count the most for you and your organization.


Our special rates are:
  1. $149.00 per night Non-Ocean View
  2. $179.00 per night Coastal/Partial Ocean View
  3. $199.00 per night Ocean/Pool View

These special rates are available for the week May 6 - 11, 2018. A facilities fee of $25 per room, per night includes free parking.
  1. Please mention Focus Learning Corporation VISION Conference when calling the hotel’s Reservations Department at 805-773-5000.
  2. Be sure to book your rooms early because the cutoff date is April 1, 2016.
  3. After that date, these rates will no longer be available.


Join us in the evenings for opportunities to dine and socialize. TBD.


Dates for workshops before the Conference begins: May 7 – 8, 2018

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Tuesday evening, May 8, 6:30pm: Join us for our special welcome reception which will be held at The Cliffs Resort.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, May 9, 10 and 11: Our Conference begins on Wednesday morning, 8:30 am. It will continue through Friday, noon.


If you fly into San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP), FOCUS is planning to provide van service for conference attendees that request it. The hotel also provides shuttle service to and from the airport with advanced notice. Due to heavy arrivals expected on Sunday and Tuesday, the hotel may not be able to respond quickly, and because of that, Focus is providing van service if needed.

Please contact Dianne ( by email to make arrangements for van service.

Parking is included with the Facilities Fee at The Cliffs Resort.


May weather in Pismo Beach is generally mild, clear and sunny with highs around 70 degrees. It is generally about 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the evening. Temperatures fall off rapidly as the sun goes down, and jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts are strongly advised if you plan to be outdoors in the evenings.

The dress code during Conference events is business casual. Remember that hotel meeting rooms tend to be cool, so bring a sweater or jacket.


Your Workshop registration for Monday and Tuesday includes: Continental breakfast outside of the workshop rooms area Lunch Buffet, Breaks

Tuesday evening will be FOCUS-hosted food and drink at our Welcome Reception.

Your Conference registration includes:

Wednesday: Continental breakfast outside the conference room
Optional after-hours dinner Wednesday night.

Thursday: Continental breakfast outside the conference room
Optional after-hours event Thursday night.

Friday: Breakfast buffet outside the conference room
Morning Break

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. We’d like to keep an open dialogue going on the spring Conference.

Dianne Moore
Conference Coordinator
(805) 543-4895, ext. 201

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