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VISION Developer Screenshot #1.
VISION Developer is the backbone of the VISION Training and Performance Support System. It is the first Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to be coupled with a full-featured instructional design toolkit. Everything you need to design, develop, and manage your blended training and organizational performance is at your fingertips.
  • Creates a foundation for training.
  • Supports job analysis and job descriptions.
  • Generates procedures and on-the-job evaluations or task qualification.
  • Creates, stores and manages learning objectives.
The VISION Developer Module establishes your entire training foundation, stores your task data, objectives and training programs; and generates training content.
  • Maintains training content and related exam questions.
  • Generates and manages exams.
  • Manages your training curriculum plans.
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VISION Developer Screenshot #2.
VISION Developer is divided into three separate Work Areas - places for you to systematically organize your data. The first work area is for all of your analysis data, jobs, tasks, skills and knowledge; the second work area is where you’ll store your objectives, related exam items, and content; and in the third work area, you’ll set up your curricula, training programs, courses, and lessons.

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