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The Job/Task Analysis work area within VISION Developer is used to collect data on all of your critical jobs or systems. All critical jobs are documented through a job/task analysis process and are stored in the VISION database. You can immediately produce your task procedures, task surveys, on-the-job training, and task qualification instruments directly from your stored analysis data, before expending the extra effort to develop learning objectives.
The Objectives, Exam Items, and Content work area within VISION Developer is where you will build a hierarchy of learning objectives. This hierarchy of objectives retains your teaching or job-qualification order, and becomes a central repository for all of your "Learning Objects": comprised of objectives, related exam items, and content. Your instructional content, stored within each "Learning Object", can be developed using a variety of popular tools, including MS Word and MS PowerPoint. Thumbnail image for ~/_Products/images/DevDetail2.PNG
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The Programs and Lessons work area within VISION Developer is a visual representation of all your training curricula, courses and lessons. The independently stored "Learning Objects" are simply dragged from your Objectives Hierarchy into your training courses and are reused as often as necessary to create your blended training programs: printed lessons, job aids, leaders guides, classroom presentations, student materials, printed exams, and more. External CBT modules or text reference documents can be easily linked to any of your training programs. Also, VISION Developer integrates with VISION Learning Station for web-based training, online testing, online job qualification, and student record tracking.
The VISION Database integrates seamlessly with all your work areas, and safely houses all your analysis, objectives, exam, content, and program data in either an MS SQL or Oracle database.

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