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NERC PER-005 Requirement Compliance

PER-005 Requirement VISION Support
R1. Use SAT to establish your training program
  • Comprehensive support of all SAT elements and processes
  • Maintain comprehensive task-to-training matrix
R1.1. Create a list of company-specific reliability-related tasks
  • Create list in SAT task hierarchy tool
  • More than 20 standard reports included
  • ISD advice improves quality of task descriptions
R1.1.1. Annually update list of tasks to identify new tasks to be trained
  • List is continually updated throughout year
  • Easily assign new training;track and report completions
R1.2. Design and develop learning objectives and training materials based on the task list
  • Drag and drop task statements and related conditions to create objectives
  • Use learning objects in multiple program materials (e.g., Guides, Qualification Cards)
  • Create and manage online and printed exams
  • Create and manage online and printed task evaluation checklists
R1.3. Deliver the training established in R1.2
  • Easily assign training, exams and task checklists with the Learning Station
  • Training can be delivered in multiple modalities
R1.4. Conduct annual evaluation of training program to identify and implement any needed changes
  • Utilize extensive question level statistics on test results to identify required changes
  • Use survey tools to capture student and supervisor feedback
R2. Verify System Operator’s capabilities to perform tasks
  • Generate qualification cards broken down to task level from VISION’s unique SAT database
  • Automatically deliver task specific training for remedial training and perform retesting
R2.1. Verify Operator’s ability to perform modified tasks within six months of a change
  • Quickly identify areas affected by a change
  • Generate change-specific qual cards to verify operator qualifications and capabilities
R3. Provide System Operators with 32 hours of applicable emergency operations training
  • Develop, deploy and track organization specific emergency operations training
  • Identify and assign qualifying external training
R3.1. Simulation Training
  • Identify and link simulation-based learning objectives
  • Track completed simulation-based objectives
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