VISION Developer

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 (32 and 64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2 (When using Remote Desktop or Citrix)
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 R2 (When using Remote Desktop or Citrix)
Processor: Two or more CPU cores.
RAM: Minimum required by the operating system.
Drive: Minimum required by the operating system.


Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 R2
RAM: 16GB for ColdFusion runtime and related services.
Drive: 6 GB min, 10 GB recommended free HD for ColdFusion temporary space and for VISION Web cached files.
VISION Developer: Latest version
IIS: 8.5
ColdFusion: ColdFusion 2016 64-bit
Browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer 11


Hardware requirements are based on the recommendation of the underlying operating system used to run VISION. Remember however that VISION Client Workstation will be using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint which requires factoring in the memory requirements of the Microsoft Office platform used at your site.

Microsoft Office

VISION will run without one of the following Microsoft Office products installed. However, the developer will not be permitted to enter Objective Content, Program Introduction or generate Office documents. The following table lists the versions of Microsoft Office that VISION supports.

NOTE: The 32-bit version of Microsoft Office is required.
Version Supported Minimum Service Pack Required
Office 2007* Yes Most recent service pack
Office 2010 Yes Most recent service pack
Office 2013 Yes Microsoft removed support for converting PowerPoint to HTML. Converting to HTML is necessary for viewing PowerPoint on VLS.
* Microsoft no longer provides support for this version of Office.


Oracle: Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g R2

If you are using a predefined Oracle installation script to create your Oracle database, make certain UTF8 or a Western European character set is used. Some older scripts designed to create databases for earlier versions of Oracle, but updated to work with 8i, may use an older character set such as US ASCII 7 Bit. Some character sets will not work properly because VISION uses characters larger than 7 bits.
Microsoft SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
General: FOCUS Learning Corporation does not have the rights to distribute any of the previously mentioned software. It will be the responsibility of the company performing the installation to properly obtain and install these products. The database of choice can reside on any platform supported by the database as long as it is reachable through an ODBC connection.
Database Disk Space: VISION has integrated Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for content authoring. When a content object is stored to the database, VISION will compress the content object prior to writing it to the database. When developing a content object, the developer has the option of creating the content object using Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, or both. If the author uses Microsoft Word, VISION will store the Word object (the .DOCX file) and optionally, its HTML representation. If the author uses PowerPoint, VISION will store the PowerPoint object (the .PPTX file) and optionally its HTML representation. If the user uses both Word and PowerPoint, VISION will store both. Remember, every content object stored by VISION is compressed.

Over time, these content objects can proliferate and become a disk space concern, especially if large graphics are developed and embedded in Word and/or PowerPoint. To anticipate the impact of content files on disk storage and the associated costs, we conducted an informal study. We will provide the summary of the study upon request.

Microsoft .NET Framework

A full description of Microsoft .NET Framework is beyond the scope of this document. To learn what Microsoft .NET Framework is, please visit for more information. VISION is not a .NET Framework application itself; however it was developed with modules designed using the .NET Framework. The Windows operating system includes the correct version of .NET needed by the VISION Developer module.

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