The two VISION modules share a common database that supports all critical activities prescribed by most systematic methodologies for instructional development (SAT or ISD).

The VISION Developer Module is used by your Subject-matter Experts, Instructional Designers, Performance Technologists or Trainers to build an integrated learning system foundation. All critical jobs are documented through a job/task analysis process and are stored in the VISION database. Task procedures, task surveys, on-the-job training, and task qualification instruments are created immediately, directly from your stored analysis data. Training objectives, instructional content, and exam items are stored together and linked directly to the job tasks they support. Your instructional content can be developed using a variety of popular tools, including MS Word and MS PowerPoint. Once developed, these independently-stored "Learning Objects" are then sequenced into printed lessons, job aids, classroom sessions, CBT modules, or web-based learning, and are reused as often as they are needed.
The VISION Learning Station taps into the power of the VISION Infrastructure. The VISION Learning Station is a web-based module accessed at your desktop or PDA through an Internet browser. The Learning Station can deliver sophisticated on-line exams, on-line surveys, on-line task qualification measurements, or on-line training with just a few mouse clicks --- all generated directly from your stored "Learning Objects". What’s more, while on the job, a worker can select a specific task to be performed and can immediately generate a job-aid, lesson or exam precisely tailored to the need. The Learning Station also offers sophisticated learning management capabilities similar to large-scale Learning Management Systems. Tightly integrated with the learning system foundation you have established in VISION Developer, it is designed to feed data to your corporate LMS/ERP or to work independently, as your needs dictate.
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