Course Authoring with VISION

March 20-21, 2019


Participants will produce instructionally effective and efficient sample lesson material. For classroom based learning, use the new “author toolbox” in VISION Developer Module (VDM 9) to produce Word or Power Point content, and apply the new version approval and update process. For CBT material, create lesson material in a HTML format attached to VISION objectives so that the material is “published” and ready for use in the lesson, apply the new version approval process and made ready for delivery on-line.


This workshop focuses on the development of effective and efficient instructional material using VDM. Participants will write objectives based on a classification scheme in VISION (or use Component Display Model), understand the relationship between parts of a “learning object”, and how learning objects are used to produce courses in VISION.

The workshop will focus on development of content through the following activities:

  • Application of instructional classifications to write objectives and use the associated models to develop lesson content.
  • Using the new Vision Content Tools to develop a lecture based lesson.
  • Setting up a CBT lesson in VISION Developer – launch a CBT authoring tool from VISION, add objective content, change settings in VISION to “publish” the lesson , and make it ready to be deployed in VISION Learning Station. The course does NOT cover “how to design CBT” or use a particular CBT authoring system.

Who will benefit

This workshop is aimed at basic users who have successfully mastered the basics of Developer and who will be authoring course materials. Suggested prerequisites:

Working knowledge of the VISION Developer module; background in the SAT methodology and experience writing objectives.

Length: 2 days
Setting: Classroom/computer lab
Cost/person: $1,900

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