Advanced VISION Developer for “Project Owners” and Administrators

March 6-7, 2019 (North Carolina)


Participants will perform tasks such as setting security, initiating new projects, using import and export, and a wide array of advanced features not usually known or used by the everyday user.


The workshop will begin with a “refresher exercise” where you will apply the skills you learned in VISION Basic training by facing a new performance requirement. Next, you will be presented with the challenge of preparing for a management audit of a typical VISION database. (The database for this exercise will be supplied by us---you do not need to bring your own!) You will assess the quality and integrity of the VISION data, make the needed adjustments and modifications, present your team’s findings to the class, and compare your results with those of your classmates.

The workshop will be presented in a problem-solving format where realistic scenarios will challenge you to use your VISION tools to proactively find and repair discrepancies in your SAT data. Along the way, you will be introduced to new VISION features and functions not covered in your VISION Basic training.

Who will benefit

This workshop is aimed at the individual(s) at a site charged as the VISION “project owner”, including individuals charged with administrative tasks.

Suggested prerequisites

You have already completed the VISION Basic training course and you have some on-the-job experience using VISION. (This course is NOT recommended for a first-time user as the basics will not be covered.)

Length: 2 days
Setting: Classroom/computer lab
Cost/person: $1,800

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