VISION Developer Basic Training (with VISION 9)

How to use VISION to support the ISD/SAT process

March 4-5, 2019 (North Carolina)


This workshop covers the basics of operating VISION Developer. It is aimed at the basic user, such as instructors and instructional technologists.

Participants will be able to navigate the system, perform the core instructional activities and generate reports, exams, and JPMs after completing the course. This is a revised edition of the existing workshop in that it is based on Version 9, and adds final quiz and a final, hands-on exercise.


The workshop begins by explaining the scope and purpose of the VISION Developer module and how information is connected to support the ISD/SAT process. Users learn how to navigate the program, use basic operations and special features that support the instructional analysis and design activities.

The balance of the workshop consists of hands-on exercises during which the participants will use VISION to complete a slice of core instructional analysis and design activities that comprise the ADDIE process. Users will be given data products (based on an actual customer project) and procedural guidelines (exercise handbook) and challenged to enter the data in VISION to produce a set of print-based outcomes.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have created a JTA report, task surveys, task to training matrix, a procedure (OJT guide), qualification checklist, objectives reports, a course outline, lesson units with sequenced objectives and an exam, and other Nuclear Industry Standard Process outcomes.

Who will benefit

Anyone charged with using VISION to conduct any or all parts of the ISD/SAT process, supervisors who would like to understand how VISION works, and users who want an in-depth refresher on the basics will benefit.

Suggested prerequisites

Working knowledge of the ISD/SAT process and related terminology is very important. Ability to type and use basic Windows/Office features is also important.

Length: 2 days
Setting: Classroom/computer lab
Cost/person: $1,800

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