SAT Methodology for NERC/PER-005 Sites

February 27-28, 2019


Enable participants to utilize proven SAT (Systematic Approach to Training) techniques to efficiently generate your VISION data structure. There will be hands-on exercises for each of the major ADDIE steps.


This workshop lays out the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process (in the A-D-D-I-E form), with essential standards and information specifically for sites operating under the PER-005 requirements (ISOs and bulk electric). All of the SAT steps included are described as VISION activities.

Participants will use VISION to develop materials through each phase of the A-D-D-I-E process. The workshop will focus primarily on SAT methodologies, not on the VISION system.

Who will benefit

Users that already understand SAT methodologies, and are particularly interested in how the SAT process is supported by the VISION system. Maybe you are facing a new SAT activity, upgrading an existing SAT project, or you are just curious about how SAT fits in with the VISION processes you already know well.

Suggested prerequisites

You should be familiar with the fundamentals of SAT/ADDIE process. VISION Basic User Training is recommended, but not required.

Length: 2 days
Setting: Classroom/computer lab
Cost/person: $1,800

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