Focus Learning Corporation is pleased to provide an array of support options and services to help our clients implement all aspects of the VISION Learning and Performance Support System. A substantial amount of service and support is included within your VISION product purchase agreements, and many clients find they need no further support during implementation. Our team can electronically retrofit disconnected, incomplete training elements (task lists, objectives, exam questions, etc.) into the VISION database resulting in a cohesive, integrated training system with auditable instructional design integrity. We also provide highly experienced instructional systems design consultation to ensure a successful transformation.

Data Conversion

To minimize rework on your part, and to avoid re-entry of existing data, we provide seamless data migration services from your legacy systems to your new VISION system. We will analyze the existing formats your job/task analysis data, learning objectives, exam questions, learning content, and qualification data. We will then automatically migrate your legacy data to the VISION system, creating a ready data foundation for you to build upon.

Implementation Support

If you’re facing a complex VISION implementation, you may benefit from having a member from FocusSM Learning on your implementation team. We would be happy to assist during the early implementation planning, and throughout your implementation process on a daily-rate or fixed-fee basis.

Training Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops at our offices in San Luis Obispo, CA, including the "Basic VISION User Training" workshop. Often, this level of training is sufficient. However, if you need more specialized training, we offer additional two-day workshops, held at your facility or ours. You may select from topics such as: Instructional Systems Development Overview, Instructional Analysis and Design, VISION Report Design, or we will customize a workshop to meet your particular need.


FocusSM Learning resources are available to you for any specific instructional task, to include: job/task analysis, objectives hierarchy development, program/curriculum design, exam/qualification development, or content/lesson development. We are available to transform training content from existing formats into VISION. We can also serve on a retainer basis to assist throughout your entire ISD cycle.

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