VISION Learning Station Basic Training (with LS 6)


Participants will use VISION Learning Station Version 6 effectively to create and manage learning activities and produce useful outcomes online.


The workshop begins by explaining the scope and purpose of the VISION Learning Station, how it relates to the Developer Module and online course delivery. Users learn how to navigate the program, set up the system for targeted outcomes and how to interpret information to answer questions.

The balance of the workshop consists of hands-on exercises during which the participants will use the VISION Learning Station to build out an “organization” including courses and qualifications. Users will be given an exercise handbook and User Manual; they will be challenged to enter the data into the Learning Station to produce a fully functional organization.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have created an organization or organizational structure including adding and editing students, creating and managing online lessons, qualification cards, viewing and interpreting reports.

Who will benefit

Anyone who is charged with using the VISION Learning Station to create and/or manage the system, and users who want an in-depth refresher on the basics, will benefit.

Suggested prerequisites

Working knowledge of the VISION Developer Module and related terminology is very important. Ability to type and use basic Windows/Office features is also important.

Length: 2 days
Setting: Classroom/computer lab
Cost/person: $1,900

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