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PER-005 Compliance
Transmission and Distribution Regulatory Compliance

Since 1985, Focus Learning Corporation has been helping organizations implement SAT based training programs in environments where human performance is the critical ingredient to safe and reliable operations. Our unique VISION software is designed by ISD professionals specifically to support, automate and maintain SAT based training programs.

Using VISION's unique capabilities, we can quickly bring your training program into compliance with PER-005, fully automate SOCCED exchanges, and easily generate the documentation needed to respond to all audit requests.

PER-005 Requirement VISION Support
R1 and R2 - Use SAT to establish your training program
  • Comprehensive support of all SAT elements and processes
  • Maintain comprehensive task-to-training matrix
R1.1 and R2.1 - Create a list of company-specific reliability-related tasks
  • Create list in SAT task hierarchy tool
  • More than 20 standard reports included
  • ISD advice improves quality of task descriptions
R1.1.1 and R2.1.1 - Annually update list of tasks to identify new tasks to be trained
  • List is continually updated throughout year
  • Easily assign new training;track and report completions
R1.2 and R2.2 - Design and develop learning objectives and training materials based on the task list
  • Drag and drop task statements and related conditions to create objectives
  • Use learning objects in multiple program materials (e.g., Guides, Qualification Cards)
  • Create and manage online and printed exams
  • Create and manage online and printed task evaluation checklists
R1.3 and R2.3 - Deliver the training established in R1.2
  • Easily assign training, exams and task checklists with the Learning Station
  • Training can be delivered in multiple modalities
R1.4 and R2.4 - Conduct annual evaluation of training program to identify and implement any needed changes
  • Utilize extensive question level statistics on test results to identify required changes
  • Use survey tools to capture student and supervisor feedback
R3 - Verify System Operator’s capabilities to perform tasks
  • Generate qualification cards broken down to task level from VISION’s unique SAT database
  • Automatically deliver task specific training for remedial training and perform retesting
R3.1 - Verify Operator’s ability to perform modified tasks within six months of a change
  • Quickly identify areas affected by a change
  • Generate change-specific qual cards to verify operator qualifications and capabilities
R4 - Simulation Training
  • Identify and link simulation-based learning objectives
  • Track completed simulation-based objectives
R5 – Use SAT to establish support personnel training program on how their job impacts your real-time operators
  • Use VISION’s unique drag/drop/reuse tools to leverage your existing operator training and reuse training materials and exams
  • Cross reference tables to create support personnel task to real-time operator reliability task matrix
  • Develop and easily maintain your task-to-training matrix
  • Deliver and track training and task sign offs online for easy compliance reporting
R6 – Use SAT to establish training program for dispatch personnel at centrally located dispatch center
  • Keep your program lean and tied to the job with VISION’s unique job and task analysis tools that will help you quickly identify dispatch personnel job functions that impact reliable operations of the BES
  • Develop concise learning objectives, test questions, and training materials that provide effective training without wasting dispatcher and instructor time
  • Develop and easily maintain your task-to-training matrix
  • Deliver and track training and task sign offs online for easy compliance reporting