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VISION Connect
The power of VISION with your LMS

VISION Connect enables you to deliver online courses and exams from VISION Developer without the cost of purchasing and maintaining an additional learning management system.

Connect to the VISION Database

Let’s say you already have an enterprise LMS, and you prefer that it be the single point of entry for your trainees to get the core training products (for example, online exams, courses). Let’s say that further, you would prefer that your LMS remain the system of record for all exam and course completions. Yet you know that your LMS can’t connect to the VISION database to generate the exams or courses you need.

That is exactly what VISION Connect will do.

VISION Connect acts as the bridge between your LMS (if you have one) and the VISION database. Learners access exams and lessons from your LMS; Connect works behind the scenes to serve them up, and passes the completion records back to your LMS. It also keeps the records for processing results that your LMS cannot.

VISION Connect is part of the Learning Station application, or it can be purchased separately.