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COVID-19 and Distance Learning
Rapidly transition to remote delivery

When it comes to responding to the current COVID-19 crisis and the restrictions on group events, standard self-paced online training can be a big part of the solution, but by itself is simply not enough! It is not an adequate substitute for your mission-critical classroom and other in-person training activities.

An effective response requires rapid transformation of your synchronous training activities from in person to remote delivery using a blend of online tools and materials. VISION is a unique training and performance support platform built on an instructional design foundation that provides the blended tools you need to quickly and effectively navigate this transformation.

Our customers are successfully using these tools to rapidly schedule and deliver remote in-person training that includes the full host of required training assets:

  • Course registration and roster management
  • Pre-training online self-paced learning
  • Integrated launch of real-time, instructor-led audio-visual classes
  • Provision of student guides, presentations, and other class materials online during the session
  • Ability to collect exercises and other work-product real-time during the session
  • Online examinations
  • Immediate grading of online exams with analytics to facilitate review and reinforcement during the session
  • Configurable online course evaluations
  • Immediate, individualized remediation
  • Post-training self-paced learning in a variety of formats (e.g., authored html/AICC, video, PDF) for deeper learning and reinforcement

Looking beyond the crisis, the same capabilities that allow VISION to rapidly transition your program to a remote perspective will also help you transition back. And because VISION is built to track courses to learning objectives, jobs, tasks, and SKs, it provides record-keeping and reporting tied to those important attributes regardless of how the course was delivered. This provides our customers with a consistent training record.

If you would like to learn more about how vision can help you through this transition, please request a demonstration.