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Your VISION installation as a hosted service

These days, Corporate IT teams are stretched thin with decreasing budget and increasing workload. Keeping ahead of constantly increasing cyber threats, keeping up with application patches and updates, upgrading operating systems, databases, drivers and more, is time consuming for IT, and expensive for you.

One solution is to move the more complex, data intensive systems to a safe, secure and constantly monitored data center in the cloud. Based on increasing customer demand, FOCUS has been providing a hosting solution to the VISION user community for over five years now.

We take care of it all, completely relieving your IT team of product updates and maintenance. Your training team will always have the latest release of VISION, rather than having to wait for important new features and patches until your IT team has time to install them

Worried about cyber security? You should be! But why not leave that to us? Our arrangement between the “Switch” Tier 5 Data Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada and our contract partner to augment the protection, maintenance, and uptime assurance has been extremely reliable and secure.

Lower your IT cost. We leverage the collection of client hardware configurations and support labor to lower IT cost for each one. We can offer a turn-key hosting service at an affordable annual price that can scale with your business.

Contact us to start hosting today!