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Helping you optimize your training foundation
VISION Startup service package

This service package is designed to support new program implementation of VISION. Here we can apply our decades of experience across a spectrum of industries supporting large scale, SAT based projects with VISION. We help by sharing lessons learned, best practices, customization of outcomes, instructional design templates, database configuration to facilitate custom outcomes, legacy data migration, site specific user training and more.

Part of this arrangement provides for ongoing site specific support for the first year to be sure best practice patterns, user knowledge and site specific nuances become part of the corporate culture. The outcome is that your investment in the methods and software pays off and becomes a permanent, sustainable asset.

VISION Optimization Assessment

Scenario: Your organization has been using VISION to build and document accredited training programs for perhaps years. But now you suspect that over those years, the quality of the VISION database that the programs are based on has degraded. This can happen due to loss of key VISION users, inconsistent VISION/SAT procedures, and other factors that can creep into any training organization faced with downsizing, budget cuts and conflicting priorities.

Protect your organization’s investment of years of SAT based development in VISION by restoring your VISION database to best practice standards. Our VISION Optimization Assessment will get you started in the right direction.

We have over 30 years of experience with the implementation of SAT in complex, high consequence environments just like yours. We built the system and refined it over the years to address these problems, so we do know how to help.

Working with our service partner, Accelerant Solutions as needed, we can perform a deep assessment of the condition of your programs from various points of view: SAT best practice, VISION design optimization, industry standards and site specific considerations. The outcome will be a written and personally presented report detailing what we found, with specific recommendations and plans for a remedial project.