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We have been committed to helping organizations optimize their training programs since 1985. Since then we have been honored to serve multiple industries with the highest standards for employee performance. We specialize in industries that have strict regulatory compliance and auditing requirements.

Nuclear Power Generation

More than 95% of all US nuclear generating sites use VISION to manage critical training and job qualification processes for nine qualified job positions as regulated by 10 CFR 50.120.

Bulk Electric System
(Transmission, Distribution, and Generation)

Independent Service Operators and other municipalities and utilities responsible for the integrity of the US Bulk Power System use VISION on a day-to-day basis to train and qualify personnel across their workforces, including in their NERC PER-005 operator training programs.

US Department of Energy

National Laboratories and other DOE sites use VISION to support key initiatives including nuclear generation, protective security, emergency operations, and hazardous waste treatment.

Commercial Airlines

Major passenger and cargo air carriers use VISION to manage their Advanced Qualification Programs (AQP) for pilots. The VISION program primarily supports the Program Audit Database (PADB) activities required by the FAA, but also provides connections to essential pilot performance records for initial and continuing qualifications.