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Methodology Connections
An interconnected database architecture

As VISION facilitates and expedites the SAT process, it creates an electronic link between each element along the way. The result is an interconnected database architecture, as in a roadmap between the work tasks and every associated training component. This roadmap is leveraged by program features to automate reports and documents such as exams, hands-on assessments, lesson materials, training audits and more. This saves time.

The connections are also used as a pathway that enable users to find and update training information as things change, making vital but complex training systems sustainable. This saves even more time and helps to ensure that training and qualification materials are always correct and up to date.

Fig. 1. Data architecture = the connections between the work people do (tasks) and the knowledge they need to do it right (lesson materials)

But, by connecting Learning Objects (content) to these integrated data connections, the power of VISION is amplified exponentially. Think of the possibilities...