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Our Team
Focus Learning Corporation

We have a team for software development, testing, customer support, documentation, training, technical services, project management, sales and marketing, and leadership. Our nimble and talented team will offer valuable products and service to your organization.

We are a tightly knit cadre of instructional experts and software developers who have made it our mission to embody the ISD/SAT process in our software and services. For 35 years we have been serving high-performing organizations such as yours, including DOE labs, airlines, nuclear power plants and the electrical grid. We currently serve over 75 customers, many have been with us for decades, as they use VISION to help manage their critical training infrastructure and day-to-day employee qualification programs.

Our corporate roots go back into the 1970's to the inception of ISD, and our people keenly understand ISD/SAT goals, its implications and common pitfalls. Our software was designed and built upon the ISD model. We will focus specifically on your curriculum architecture, construction, and its daily maintenance. We believe we are your best choice for designing, creating and managing the thousands of data elements that form your curricula, and we thank you for the opportunity to share our software with you.

Gary Sprague

President and Co-Founder

Mike Reitmeyer

VP Product Planning and Implementation

John Martin

Product Manager (PrimeForce Solutions)

Clayton Crabtree

Manager, Instructional Methods and Services

Linda Santos

Manager, Finance and Administration

Matt Clark

Software Developer

Frank Compston

Software Developer

Joe Erikat

Senior Software Developer

Craig Schmidt

Senior Software Developer

Rich Moredock

Database Architect

Melissa Traynor

Customer Support Engineer

Dan Brannon

Director of Advanced Technology

Kyle Swaggerty

Quality Assurance Technician

Mechaela Kirk

IT Security Procedures Coordinator

The Accelerant partnership with FOCUS Learning was formed to strengthen and standardize the use of the VISION software for all users.