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VISION Workshops
Onsite or remote training to ensure your success

We offer multiple training sessions throughout the year to ensure your proficiency in using the VISION Performance and Training Support System.

VISION Developer Basic (with VISION 9)

The workshop begins by explaining the scope and purpose of the VISION Developer module and how information is connected to support the ISD/SAT process. Users learn how to navigate the program, use basic operations and special features that support the instructional analysis and design activities.


VISION Developer Advanced for Project Owners (with VISION 9)

Participants perform tasks such as setting security, initiating new projects, using import and export, and a wide array of advanced features not usually known or used by the everyday user.


VISION Developer Basic & Advanced (with VISION 9)

This workshop covers both the basic and advanced concepts of operating VISION Developer. It is aimed at both new and experienced users of Vision. This is an accelerated workshop in that it combines basic and advanced concepts. Ideally, attendees should have at least a working knowledge of the VISION Developer module and the ADDIE process.


VISION Learning Station Basic Training (with LS 6)

Participants use VISION Learning Station Version 6 effectively to create and manage learning activities and produce useful online outcomes.


VISION Report Generator Training

Successful participants of this workshop will be able to use the VISION proprietary report-scripting language to create simple VISION reports based on a given end-user specification, and troubleshoot errors in existing reports.