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Course Authoring with VISION
Develop instructional material using VISION

Participants produce print-based lesson materials in a variety of formats based on the idea of reusable learning objects, instructional design strategies, and using new authoring tools, templates and version control.


This workshop focuses on the development of instructional material using VISION. The course begins with an overview of reusable learning objects and their relationship to a set of instructional design templates included in Version 9. Participants use the powerful new author toolkit to produce a variety of print-based outcomes in VISION such as lesson plans, simulator guides, and student guides. The course includes the actions to set up and publish approved versions of printed outcomes.

Hands on activities
Develop objectives as “reusable learning objects” based on a set of instructional design strategies.
Use the new author toolkit to develop lesson content for each objective.
Approve and publish the material as a complete, detailed, lesson plan for use by instructors.
Handle the re-approval process included in Version 9 to publish an updated version of a lesson that contains revisions after initial publication.

Although the course is oriented mostly toward print-based materials, it addresses how many of the same templates and actions would be applied to the production of computer based (CBT) materials.

Who will benefit

Anyone curious about or plans to use VISION to produce lesson content based on reusable learning objects using important new features in Version 9.

Suggested prerequisites

Working knowledge of the VISION Developer Module is important. Knowledge of the VISION Learning Station would be very helpful.

Location Length Setting Cost/person
Distance Learning 2 days Virtual TBD
Our Office
San Luis Obispo, CA
2 days Classroom $1,900
Your site 2 days Classroom TBD