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VISION Developer Basic & Advanced Training
An accelerated course covering basic and advanced concepts

This workshop covers both the basic and advanced concepts of operating VISION Developer. It is aimed at both new and experienced users of Vision. This is an accelerated workshop in that it combines basic and advanced concepts. Ideally, attendees should have at least a working knowledge of the VISION Developer module and the ADDIE process.


This 3-day workshop provides VISION Developer training for beginner VISION users. The training consists of VISION theory and hands-on (computer lab) instruction. Participants learn how the system data is organized, how its organization relates to instructional design process outcomes, how to navigate the system, how to enter information, and how to generate training products from the database. This workshop is centered on an exercise guide that incorporates step-by-step instructions with provided sample data.

For the advanced portion, participants learn to utilize SAT processes using raw data, find and correct instructional design problems, and use advanced VISION Developer features.

Who will benefit

Anyone charged with using VISION to conduct any or all parts of the ISD/SAT process, supervisors who would like to understand how VISION works, users who want an in-depth refresher on the basics will benefit, and individual(s) at a site charged as the VISION project owner, including individuals charged with administrative tasks.

Suggested prerequisites

Working knowledge of the ISD/SAT process and related terminology is very important. Ability to type and use basic Windows/Office features is also important.

Location Length Setting Cost/person
Distance Learning 2 days Virtual TBD
San Luis Obispo, CA 2 days Classroom $2,100
Your site 2 days Classroom TBD