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SAT Methodology

This workshop enables participants to utilize proven SAT (Systematic Approach to Training) techniques to create an effective, best practice training program. Each activity of the SAT (ADDIE) model is represented in the way that produces an ideal result from the standpoint of instructional effectiveness using VISION. This is the ideal workshop for seeing the alignment between SAT methodology and how VISION is designed to optimize the process.


This workshop lays out the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process (in the ADDIE form), with essential standards and information specifically aligned with corresponding VISION activities. All of the SAT steps included are described as VISION activities.

Participants use VISION to develop materials through each phase of the ADDIE process. The workshop focuses primarily on SAT methodologies, not on the VISION system.

Who will benefit

This workshop is perfect for those who are already familiar with SAT methodology but are particularly interested in how the VISION system supports each stage of the SAT process.

Suggested prerequisites

Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of SAT/ADDIE process. VISION Basic User Training is recommended, but not required.

Location Length Setting Cost/person
Distance Learning 2 days Virtual TBD
San Luis Obispo, CA 2 days Classroom $1,900
Your site 2 days Classroom TBD