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VISIaperature-1N Developer

Design, develop and manage your training platform

VISION Developer serves as the cornerstone of the VISION Training and Performance Support System. It is the first Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to be integrated with a comprehensive instructional design toolkit. This all-in-one platform empowers you with the tools to effortlessly design, develop, and oversee your blended training initiatives and organizational performance.

A computer monitor displaying the VISION Developer software interface on the screen, with various open windows and toolbars. In front of the monitor its a white keyboard and a mouse on a desk, alongside a digital tablet.


  • See and control all program elements from one intuitive display
  • Job task, training objectives, assessments, lessons, qualifications all logically linked
  • Save time by sharing common training elements across sites and programs using drag and drop functionality
  • Build query paths that enable you to find areas impacted by change within a few clicks
  • Be confident that every impacted element is revealed and accessible instantly


  • Onboard resources to promote high quality, impactful learning objectives 
  • Built-in templates and instructional "advice" to empower Subject Matter Experts
  • Promotes objectives that meet standards for re-usable learning objectives
  • Connect objectives with their instructional content, assessments and links to tasks
  • Drag and drop objectives to form lessons, share them across programs, remediate post exams
  • Click an objective to see and edit content; a single change fixes all instances where used
A laptop displaying the VISION Developer software interface on the screen, with various open windows and toolbars. To the left of the monitor is a light green mug and to the right of the laptop is a wood pencil holder with black pens and pencils.
A modern workspace with two screens showing the VISION software interfaces. The primary monitor displays a dashboard with various toolbars, while the secondary laptop screen shows a the VISION Learning Station web application.


  • Generate custom training and qualification documents from one integrated database
  • Comprehensive training "audits"
  • Qualification checklists (hands on qualification)
  • Randomized or custom made exams on demand
  • Lesson plans (Word and PowerPoint is seamlessly integrated)
  • Over 50 standard reports

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