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VISIaperature-1N Learning Station

Train, evaluate and certify your workforce

With VISION Developer, your training organization can create a robust database capable of generating valuable training and qualification materials. Extend the potency of this invaluable resource directly to your workforce through the VISION Learning Station (LS). Serving as the conduit between your fully integrated VISION database and the learner community, the Learning Station facilitates the ability to: 

A classroom of students taking an online exam deployed in VISION Learning Station.

Deploy Online Exams

Utilize the robust, advanced features of the VISION exam generator to deploy online exams:
  • Deliver online exams directly from the VISION SAT database (test questions that are connected to objectives and approved, etc.)
  • Exams can be generated "randomized" for each learner based on a "profile," or they can be selected randomly from a set of exams prearranged and approved by the trainers.
  • Score the exam, record results, capture and disseminate student feedback (students can add feedback to any question.)
  • Maintain exam statistics, test question statistics, learner statistics, course completion records.
  • Upon learner submitting an exam, offer individualized on-the-spot exam remediation based on content developed at the objective level in the VISION/SAT database.

Deploy Courseware on Demand

Make online courses available to your workforce directly from, or connected to, the VISION/SAT database:
  • From VISION objectives, launch your preferred HTML-based CBT authoring tools (such as Captivate, Lectora, Articulate).
  • Attach the CBT files to the VISION objects.
  • Deliver the computer-based instruction compiled directly from the VISION SAT database.
  • VLS can utilize the file to deliver a course, remediate an exam, compile individualized task-based training solutions and more.
  • Distribute post training evaluations online and process/summarize the results.
A close-up of a laptop on a desk with VISION software interface on the screen, displaying course content.
A screenshot of the VISION Learning Station interface. The screen displays a user dashboard with options for 'Courses', 'Qualifications', 'Certificates', 'Surveys', and more. A section titled 'Task Performance Evaluation' details steps for a robotic controller assembly task with method of evaluation, critical task designation, and associated references.

Deploy a Full-Functioned Qualification Program

Produce and manage qualification cards, online qualification tracking, notifications and more:
  • Generate (from the VISION SAT database) online job performance evaluations (OJE, TPE, etc.) in a customized, enterprise-specific format.
  • Supervisors record results via laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Manage qualification cards, qualification status, requalification notices, qualification records, etc. 

Support and Speed Up Critical SAT Activities

  • Generate online D-I-F surveys, distribute to SMEs, process results based on latest NISP formula (or other options), summarize and record results, integrate approvals, etc.
  • Support the organizing of initial and continuing training programs, long term training programs based on courses, lessons and other information in the VISION SAT database.
  • Integrate with VISION Developer to maintain, track and view all versions of training components and training events; support VISION's comprehensive version control.
  • Honors VISION Developer's version control and version approvals to ensure no unapproved exam, lesson, task evaluation, etc. is delivered to a learner.
An office set up showing two monitors with VISION software interfaces displayed. One screen shows a Course Event in VISION Learning Station, while the other displays various screens within VISION Developer.
Consider the VISION Learning Station as a distinct "Learning Management System" (LMS), setting itself apart with a crucial distinction. Unlike any other LMS, the Learning Station is meticulously crafted to originate and dispense training materials directly from the VISION SAT database, offering an unparalleled capability that external LMS solutions cannot match. 

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