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Training and Performance Support System

Employee job performance in high-consequence industries depends on being able to identify, implement, and measure precise standards of knowledge and behavior related to job positions. The VISION Training and Performance Support System utilizes a proven methodology honed over decades that ensures your organization meets the highest standards of job performance. Our process identifies gaps in your training program and replaces them with connections that can be tracked and continually improved upon.

Diagram showcasing the VISION system components. At the top, 'VISION Connect' links to an 'Enterprise LMS' and 'VISION Learning Station'. Below, 'VISION Developer' divides into three web modules: 'Analysis' with Qualification Cards, 'Objectives' with questions and content, and 'Programs' with lessons. This represents the workflow and integration of the VISION system.


VISION Developer is the backbone of the VISION Training and Performance Support System. Developer establishes your entire training foundation, stores your task data, objectives and training programs and generates training content.

Learning Station

VISION Learning Station taps into the power of the VISION Developer foundation. The Learning Station is a web application able to deliver sophisticated exams, surveys, task qualification measurements and training.        


VISION Connect allows you to leverage the power of your VISION Developer database, keep your enterprise LMS as the launch platform and system of record, and avoid re-purchasing LMS features that you already have.

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