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Faperature-1CUS Learning

We are more than just a software company, we offer 35 years of workforce training expertise


Our dedication to excellence is embodied in the VISION Training and Performance Support System, a cornerstone technology that underpins performance-based training systems across a spectrum of high-consequence industries. From nuclear power and electric utilities to Department of Energy sites, Security Forces, and commercial aviation, VISION is the technological backbone that ensures the highest standards of training and operational readiness. 

Under the strategic guidance of our executive leadership team, FOCUS Learning is propelled by a blend of cutting-edge technological expertise and strong commercial strategies to ensure the delivery of superior products. Our leadership is committed to continuous innovation and customer-centric approaches, guaranteeing that our offerings remain at the forefront of workforce training and performance solutions.

Jay Steele

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Francis

Chief Commercial Officer

Nate Jones

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Sprague

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor