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Training and Performance Support System

Connecting knowledge to the work people do through




Connecting knowledge to the work people do

Professional headshot of Admiral James Ellis, announced as a keynote speaker for the VISION 2024 conference.
Professional headshot of Mike Mears, announced as a keynote speaker for the VISION 2024 conference.

Distinguished Speakers Announced for the VISION 2024 Conference

We are excited to announce that Admiral James Ellis and Mike Mears are confirmed as Keynote Speakers for the VISION 2024 Conference.

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Focus Learning Announces Strategic Investment by the Brydon Group



Focus Learning Announces  Strategic Investment by The  Brydon Group  

 We are excited to announce that the Brydon Group has recently acquired FOCUS Learning Corporation.


What is VISION and who needs it?

A man in business attire stands facing a flowchart representing the instructional design process.


A proven, logical approach to instructional design

Training based on job performance - it's an efficient, effective approach that supports NRC, INPO, DOE, FAA, PER 005 standards while delivering defensible, auditable, best practices results.

Who's using VISION?

  • Nearly every nuclear power plant across the US and UK, and nuclear facilities worldwide in France, China, South Africa and beyond.
  • Public utility organizations that operate the national grid. 
  • Numerous Government and DOE organizations nation-wide, from national laboratories to waste repositories and radioactive waste remediation sites.
  • Prominent commercial airlines.
A collage of professional environments featuring top-left: two pilots in a cockpit, top-right: an engineer reading a gauge, bottom-left: a worker operating controls in an industrial facility, and bottom-right: two construction workers in hard hats overlooking a power plant.

Group of eight diverse individuals standing in a line outdoors, smiling with arms around each other's shoulders, demonstrating camaraderie and unity.

What unites users of VISION?

They demand well designed, highly effective training that is efficient, always up to date and sustainable in environments where human error has consequences. Lives depend on it.

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