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Call for Presentations

As a member of the VISION user community, you are cordially invited to participate in the VISION 2020 conference, November 9 – 10, and November 11, 2020 via Distance Learning. As a fellow professional and colleague interested in excellence in training, we further invite you to share your experience or ideas by being a presenter this year.

Our mission for the VISION 2020 conference is the same as it has been for every past VISION conference: to provide a venue with presentations and discourse on best practices, trends, new ideas, and opportunities to improve the implementation of training systems based on the SAT method with VISION. We’re asking you to participate by being a presenter; share what you think, your ideas and attempts to improve the state of training for your organization. Your colleagues will appreciate what you share with them, just as you will appreciate what they share with you.

With all the challenges, activities and ideas we’ve been associated with together over these past two years, it seems like a target rich environment for interesting and useful presentation topics. To help you come up with an impactful topic, we formed a Steering Committee comprised of VISION user site representatives. With their help, we have assembled a collection of themes. For each theme, the group has identified ideas, or topics, that it believes would be of interest and useful to the conference attendees. Pick one, or suggest one of your own, and contribute a presentation. We really welcome and encourage your participation!

How to submit a presentation
Here’s how to be a presenter at the conference:
  1. 1. Review the table of themes and ideas on the following page. Use this table to spark ideas about what you can contribute, but do not limit your ideas to the ideas presented in the table. If you have something else in mind, go with that.
  2. 2. Form your topic in a quick paragraph; it can be brief just to describe what you have in mind.
  3. 3. E-mail your paragraph to Gary at
  4. 4. Gary will get back to you to discuss or clarify the idea. If it still seems like a fit….
  5. 5. Write an overview or abstract. These should be done by Monday, August 31 so we can put together the agenda.

Presentations are normally in PowerPoint (or similar presentation software).

If you are going to show your database, internet will be available. Be sure you will have permission to access your database from outside your firewall, or bring it with you. Presentations are about 30 – 40 minutes long. We may have to adjust this time, depending on how many presentations we end up with but you will know the time before you start creating.

Themes and Ideas for Topics
Improving and sustaining the condition of site SAT databases in VISION
  • Initiatives to address SAT databases that are/were sub-optimal in structure and substance
  • Developing detailed training procedures for using VISION to a site standard
  • Staff training in SAT, VISION, other
  • “Striving for Consistency; Integrating VISION into Training Processes”
  • Procedure for standardizing SAT/VISION across projects
  • Your idea…
New training techniques and technologies
  • Integrating VR or other technology into a SAT based program
  • Formats and design for effective CBT
  • Other technology solutions that improved state of training
  • Your idea…
Deeper standardization of SAT
  • How sites are applying SAT- surprising disparity
  • Implementing NIST TR 01 Procedure
  • Consideration for a project “template” to standardize core SAT elements and hierarchies
  • Your idea…
Leveraging “common” programs
  • Strategies for “sharing” common SAT elements within or across projects
  • Your idea…
Ideas, projects, useful results (general)
  • Developing procedures within VISION integrated with plant procedures (at NuScale)
  • Procedures in VISION Analysis Hierarchy
  • Your idea…
Moving to the “object” oriented approach to training/authoring in VISION
  • Using the new Author’s tool box in VISION to develop learning objects
  • New content templates and outcomes What makes a “good” objective- what are learning objects?
  • Your idea…
Potential Topics for Breakouts
Benchmarking- show and tell
  • Show SAT databases; compare and discuss differences among the attendees
Cross industry fertilization
  • Diverse organizations representing to each other what they are doing with SAT/VISION; discuss approach to SAT, use of VISION, outcomes, standards, etc. that may be novel and advantageous to a different industry user. DOE sites, ISO/T&D and non-US nuclear sites and commercial aviation.
Cloud based SAT/VISION
  • Some groups have moved to a hosted “cloud” solution for the SAT/VISION system. Share advantages, challenges and results of this solution.
Content authoring in VISION
  • Discuss progress to date, include the issues in making the transition to learning objects and to developing content at the objective level
Suggestions for changes or improvements to VISION
  • Your idea…
Tips and Tricks by Joe
  • Back by popular demand!
Your idea…
  • Your idea…